In addition, longcalcium

In addition, longcalcium Calcium is directly involved in the most complex processes, such as coagulation of blood dependence, maintaining a proper balance between excitation and inhibition of the cerebral cortex, and maintaining proper acidalkaline balance of the internal environment of the organism and normal tion permeability of blood vessel walls.

In addition, longcalcium deficiency in the diet undesirable effect on the excitability of cardiac muscle Noah and the rhythm of her contractions.

ration of adult healthy person should contain from 0.

8 to 1 g of calcium.

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Fruit beautifully

Fruit beautifully Soap looked as chrysanthemums and dahlias of different colors and sizes.

Being under the influence of Mama's findings, I suggest you try instead of the usual sweet dessert made from fruits.

Select three types of seasonal fruits.

Cut them into the shape of flowers, stars, crescents or other creations of nature at your discretion.

fruit beautifully arranged on the plate.

Admire their beauty and feel the unique flavor of each fruit.

Having seen its fruit masterpieces, congratulate yourself with the words Gotisosama that means That's a feast!.

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Veins in the legs

Veins in the legs Inactive lifestyle leads to improper blood circulation, shallow breathing, weak and lymph current stagnation in the intestine.

Poor posture leads to the wrong location bodies, reducing their efficiency, as well as the added stress of the circulatory system.

Crossing the legs while sitting also disrupts blood circulation as squeezed one of the main veins of the body, running along the inner thigh.

Veins in the legs are very vulnerable.

High heels deform calf muscle.

Tight clothing, belts and straps cutting into the skin, underwear, tight body all this leads to the fact that the fluid accumulates over the place or girth underneath.

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During the Edo period

During the Edo period On a typical samurai wedding at the beginning of the XV century had served dishes such as sweet potatoes, chops pheasant, stewed in miso and seasoned seaweed.

During the Edo period ,16031868 samurai went to the imperial court with Christmas gifts in the form of salted salmon.

Then for many samurai Tokyo ,still called Edo was a mecca delicacies.

Onea provincial samurai named Harada clan Tanabe metropolitan food so pleased that he wrote a handbook for other samurai called Pride of Edo, which praised the shops with noodles and sweet rolls.

Harada's book appeared in the mid1800s.

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On the other

On the other One explanation for better portability milk products in the presence of lactobacilli enzyme needed to digest milk sugar ,lactose.

On the other hand, the protein easier to digest milk products, milk protein than.

It is important for the elderly, the digestive system works is not as significant as in his younger years.

Usually can not tolerate milk products people with increased secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, giperatsidnym suffering from gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

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